Mission East at Root Division

July 23, 2015

My video installation, Mission : East, is part of Introductions 2015, the current exhibition at Root Division. The piece, documented above, occupies a wall alcove on the east wall of the gallery. The show is up until July 25.

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Introductions 2015 at Root Division

July 3, 2015

Root Division Intro 2015 show image_450x322

I’m pleased to be part of Introductions 2015 at San Francisco’s Root Division, showcasing thirteen Bay Area artists. The exhibition dates are July 1-25 with an opening reception on Saturday July 11 from 7-10 P.M.

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Projections 6

June 1, 2015

Projections 6 is a recent wall piece made from wood, thread, and colored acrylic panels. Like previous works in this series, the sculpture suggests multiple concepts around ‘projection’ — that of physical protrusion as well as cast images and shadows that create a virtual, extended space.


It also deals with line, which appears in three weights: The first and heaviest is formed by the wooden frame, the second is produced by the acrylic’s luminous edges, and the third is traced by a fine thread running throughout the composition.


Optically-mixed colors change with viewers’ perspectives as they move around the translucent panels. When lit by natural light, the shadows shift over time as well.

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Escandón : West / Mission : East / Headlands : North / SoMa : South

May 8, 2015

Escandón : West / Mission : East / Headlands : North / SoMa : South is the title of the video installation I contributed to Build It Up/Break It Down, the Graduate Fellowship exhibition at the Headlands Center for the Arts, on view through June 7.


The installation is comprised of four looping time-lapse videos chronicling the sun’s path as shot through an array of shifting fabrics in four different locations. The translucent fabrics, shot against windows, migrate across one another to produce optically mixed colors while revealing glimpses of life outside. The sequences serve as meditations on light, architecture, the poetics of color, and the transitory nature of our surroundings, including changing neighborhoods and the idea of ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders.’


As the title suggests, the four videos depict windows facing four different directions. Escandón : West captures sunset in Mexico City, Mission : East features San Francisco’s Valencia Street, Headlands : North utilizes Marin’s coastal light, and SoMa : South offers up SF’s Mission Street.

In the Headlands installation, the projections match the directions in which the videos were shot, creating a four-screen semi-enclosure. The screens are translucent, viewable from either side, blending disparate geographical locations into one another and bringing the notion of ‘inside’ and outside’ into question. As viewers circulate among the screens, they might reflect on how time is divided, space is measured, and boundaries are defined in a world where such divisions are often porous and disputed.


Build It Up/Break It Down was guest curated by Zoë Taleporos, Public Art Program Associate for the San Francisco Arts Commission and Co-Director of Royal NoneSuch Gallery in Oakland. The exhibition includes work by Heather Engen, Joyce Nojima, Vicci Jang, Lauren McKeon, Joy Fritz, and Sarah Ammons. It is located in Building 945’s Project Space on the 3rd floor and the hours are Sunday through Thursday, 12 noon-5 PM. Zoë’s curator statement can be found here.

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Build It Up/Break It Down at the Headlands

April 29, 2015

announcement image 450x332

Come see my video installation at the Headlands Center for the Arts 2014-15 Graduate Fellows exhibition opening on Sunday, May 3 from 12-5 PM. The exhibition is curated by Zoë Taleporos and includes Heather Engen, Joyce Nojima, Vicci Jang, Lauren McKeon, Joy Fritz, and Sarah Ammons. Proud to be part of this dynamic group!

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Headlands Spring Open House

April 14, 2015


The Headlands Center for the Arts will be hosting their Spring Open House this Sunday, April 19. I’ll be showing my video “Headlands : North” which comprises one-quarter of a larger installation to be exhibited there in May. The Open House is free to the public and runs from 12 noon – 5 PM. My studio is on the top floor of Building 945.

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Watershed Moments at SFSU Art Gallery

March 24, 2015

exhibition banner-cropped-450x245

I’m participating in Watershed Moments, a multimedia exploration of the natural world, curated by Janna Alfred. The exhibition opens at the San Francisco State University Art Gallery on Thursday April 2, 2015 from 5-9 PM and runs through April 21st.

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LV Sketchbook Page 047

February 15, 2015

LV Sketchbook Page 047-450x290

Long View Sketchbook Page 047 addresses the role of color in representing and conveying information in data and art. Learn more on my Antarctic Long View blog.

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Headlands : South at the Headlands

February 7, 2015

My video installation, Headlands : South, documented at the Headlands Center for the Arts.

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LV Sketchbook Page 050

January 30, 2015

LV Sketchbook Page 050-450x300

My newest sketchbook page is inspired by the formal qualities of indexical data and the stories they tell. Details at my Long View Project blog hosted by the California Academy of Sciences.

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