LV Sketchbook Page 037

December 30, 2015

LV Sketchbook Pg 037-450x291

My latest Long View artwork takes wastewater treatment at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station for its subject. Details at the Long View Project blog.

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Painting Salon Lecture at the Battery

December 1, 2015

Battery logo by MM DesignSF-450x300

I’ll be speaking at The Battery in downtown San Francisco on Tuesday, Dec. 8 with Antarctic colleague Lisa Blatt. The talk is part of the Painting Salon lecture series which features different artists at new venues each month. Doors open at 7, talk starts at 7:30.

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LV Sketchbook Page 038

November 30, 2015

LV Sketchbook Pg 038-450x290

Despite protective measures, human presence continues to take a toll on the Antarctic environment. Read more about it on my Long View blog hosted by the California Academy of Sciences.

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LV Sketchbook Page 036

October 30, 2015

LV Sketchbook Pg 036-450x290

Waste management is a high priority on the Ice and is practiced in accordance with the Antarctic Treaty. Learn more on my Antarctic Long View blog.

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Projections 8 in Progress

October 19, 2015

Projections 8 in progress-20151019_3915-450x583

Projections 8, the latest in my Projections series, features colored acrylic panels much like Projections 6. This one however is more layered, with an embedded mirror. The piece will hang from the wall in its final state.

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LV Sketchbook Page 049

September 30, 2015

LV Sketchbook Pg 049-450x290

The Long View is a research-based project about the history and current practice of waste management in Antarctica. My LV sketchbook is an integral part of the project: it’s a space to experiment with visually elaborating on the practice, challenges, progress, and importance of keeping Antarctica clean.

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Projections 7 in Progress

August 31, 2015

Projections 7 in progress-20150130_4836-450x401

Projections 7, a follow-up to Projections 6, is a new work in progress. It’s part of series that explores line, color, and transformation in regards to changing light.

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Mission East at Root Division

July 23, 2015

My video installation, Mission : East, is part of Introductions 2015, the current exhibition at Root Division. The piece, documented above, occupies a wall alcove on the east wall of the gallery. The show is up until July 25.

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Introductions 2015 at Root Division

July 3, 2015

Root Division Intro 2015 show image_450x322

I’m pleased to be part of Introductions 2015 at San Francisco’s Root Division, showcasing thirteen Bay Area artists. The exhibition dates are July 1-25 with an opening reception on Saturday July 11 from 7-10 P.M.

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Projections 6

June 1, 2015

Projections 6 is a recent wall piece made from wood, thread, and colored acrylic panels. Like previous works in this series, the sculpture suggests multiple concepts around ‘projection’ — that of physical protrusion as well as cast images and shadows that create a virtual, extended space.


It also deals with line, which appears in three weights: The first and heaviest is formed by the wooden frame, the second is produced by the acrylic’s luminous edges, and the third is traced by a fine thread running throughout the composition.


Optically-mixed colors change with viewers’ perspectives as they move around the translucent panels. When lit by natural light, the shadows shift over time as well.

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