Keeping an Eye on Surveillance at PAI

September 2, 2011

I’m currently working on a large wall installation for an upcoming group show titled “Keeping an Eye on Surveillance.” My piece, titled RGB-123, references airborne observation tech-nology as described in my Long View posts about remote sensing from outer space and McMurdo’s role in high-altitude scientific research.

Announcement image: Church on Fifth Avenue by Jim Campbell

The exhibition opens on Saturday, September 10, 6-9 PM and runs through October 22nd at the Performance Art Institute, 575 Sutter Street in San Francisco. Tel: (415) 501-0575. Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6 PM. Free admission.

Participating artists: Rosa Maria Alfaro, Michael Bartalos, Guillermo Bert, Lisa Blatt, Jim Campbell, Enrique Chagoya, Antonio Cortez, Allan deSouza, Rodney Ewing, Roni Feldman, Sean Fletcher, Angus Forbes, Farley Gwazda, Taraneh Hemami, Brooke Holve, Justin Hoover, Sherry Karver, Scott Kildall, Barbara Kossy, Tony Labat, Mark Leibowitz, Charlie Levin, Jennifer Locke, Kara Maria, Andrew Mezvinsky, Daniel Newman, Nigel Poor, Isabel Reichert, Tim Roseborough, Roberto Rovira, Elizabeth Sher, and Michael Zheng. Curated by Hanna Regev.

Installation photos and more info to follow when the show is up.

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